Despite the current academic year having just begun, Year 13 students across the country will have already started their University applications for 2021. With countless high-quality universities and courses to choose, from this can be a long process with tricky decisions to make even before the nerve-racking wait for interviews and offers of places. If you’re a fan of Beautiful Equations, it’s likely you could be searching for maths-based courses, but with so many variations and subjects you might never have even heard of on offer, it’s difficult to know where to even start. Here is a quick guide to some “not just maths” courses that maths enthusiasts will enjoy and excel at!

1. Maths and Philosophy

Combining difficult problem solving with the contemplation of more fundamental concepts, this is a great option for mathematicians who like to think deeply. Most courses will focus on logic in mathematics as well as core areas while also gaining an introduction to the fascinating world of philosophy.

2. Computer Science

The content of a computer science course is quite different to that of a maths degree, with modules on computer architecture, algorithms and software tools. However, writing code and creating these algorithms requires very logical thinking, similar to that of pure mathematics. A good course if you’re looking to learn something new that will also be very employable!

3. Statistics

The “marmite” of the maths world. Most students will be exposed to a lot of statistics throughout there A-Levels and GCSE’s but not all of them will fall in love and want to become a statistician. If you’re someone who enjoys the various distributions and appreciates the answers they provide in the real world, why not channel your mathematical love directly done this route and study simply pure statistics!

4. Data Science

An emerging discipline who’s influence on society is ever growing, studying data science is a new course at many universities which combines traditional mathematics, computing and algorithms with their applications in industry. Again, a great option for keen maths students who don’t want much trouble in finding work!

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