The first full week of the second national lockdown is here, and we will all no doubt be looking for entertainment on these dark November evenings. If you find yourself back on Netflix but wanting something slightly more stimulating than Tiger King.. there are also plenty of films and series that tell stories of maths and science that you’re sure to find interesting. Here are 5 recommendations to satisfy your love of mathematics whilst keeping you entertained!

1. The Imitation Game

Released in 2014 staring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, the imitation game tells the true story of the mathematicians and linguists who worked tirelessly throughout WW2 to crack German communications. The secrecy of the activity at Bletchley Park meant that the work of Turing and his colleagues was completely unacknowledged for many years despite being a key weapon in winning the war!

2. The Queen’s Gambit

Based on Walter Tevis 1983 novel, this Netflix Original series was released just last month but is already topping the Netflix charts! It follows the story of Beth Harmon who becomes orphaned as a young girl but is determined to become world chess champion. Rather appropriately this week is also the 35th Anniversary of the Chess World Championships that saw Anatoly Karpov become the youngest ever grand master at just 22! At 22 I’m just watching Netflix…

3. The Theory of Everything

A tribute to the incredible and inspiring life of Stephen Hawkins, this film tells his story as both the most influential physicist of current times but also as a husband and father who lived with a neurodegenerative disease.

4. Matilda

Not quite as serious or academic.. but why not share this old classic with younger viewers whilst also testing your mental maths by seeing if you can keep up with the young heroine!

5. Apollo 13

Based on the true story of the Apollo 13 space mission, this 1995 space film stars some big names such as Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey. While there may be a few academic inaccuracies in the films version of events it is without a doubt a thrilling and emotional tale that demonstrates some of the most impressive scientific thinking whilst under pressure!

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