Almost every week there seems to be a day of recognition or awareness for one cause or another. These days put the spotlight on a great deal of important social causes, giving them some valuable attention globally, as well as celebrating some slightly more light-hearted ones (international Dogs Day is 26th August, in case you were wondering). While science gets its moment each year, more specific days celebrating mathematics are rare, which makes the upcoming celebrations even more exciting!

This Tuesday 20th of October, the third ever World Statistics Day is being celebrated around the world, with the theme ‘connecting the world with data we can trust’. The event and celebration was first proposed by the United Nations statistics division back in 2010 in an effort to acknowledge the role that the production of reliable, timely statistics plays in making informed decisions for a government which ultimately contributes to the overall development of a country. The event now takes place every 5 years to continually recognise this contribution and encourage more investment, people and resources into the field of statistics.

Each country will be running individual events with the UN collated into a central platform via their website - The day will be a great opportunity for current maths and statistics enthusiasts to come together and learn more as well as creating some much-needed exposure to inspire potential statisticians across the globe!

Appropriately, the UN Data Forum coincides with the day, with an online version of the usual international forum, taking place from the 19-21st of October. A slight positive to the adapted format for this year is that the online version is far more accessible to all!

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