About Us

 “If one is working from the point of view of getting beauty into one's equation... one is on a sure line of progress.”



These are the words of Paul Dirac, a Bristol-born physicist who won the 1933 Nobel Prize for his discovery of a subatomic particle, the positron. Whilst we are simply students, enthusiasts and designers, rather than ground-breaking scientists such as Dirac, this sentiment and appreciation for the sheer beauty of an equation is something we wholeheartedly share.



We are passionate these equations are deserving of a wider audience and should not be confined to scientific papers and textbooks. We hope that you too will enjoy seeing them in other contexts, and they may spark curiosity about the complex systems they so elegantly articulate, regardless of your age, knowledge of mathematics or where you live in the world.



To paraphrase a potentially more relatable source, Cady (Lindsay Lohan) in the 2004 American film ‘Mean Girls’,



 “I like math, because it’s the same in every language”.



 We could not agree more with Damien’s response,



“That’s beautiful, this girl is deep."



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